How to Remove RV Storage Door

RV storage door

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There is no reason why you should put up with a faulty RV storage door. It is compromising the safety of your valuable stuff by exposing it to the extremes of temperature and humidity. The drafts of air moving in and out of the door might also end up damaging the perishable items.

Most of you might already be aware of this. But you are still not trying to replace the door. Wonder why? Because of the imagined fear that the process is going to be extremely difficult. Whereas in reality, removing an RV storage door is neither complicated nor time-consuming.

Have doubts about this claim? Then check out our guide on how to remove RV storage door.

Before you remove RV storage door

Here’s what you need to do:

Identify and purchase its replacement

RV storage doors come in two styles: radius corners and square corners. The former are great for opening/closing a million times as they have metal housings that keep them attached to their frame. That’s why most campers use radius corners’ doors to guard important stuff.

Doors with square corners, meanwhile, are incredibly water-resistant. Most of them come with watertight seals that keep moisture and humidity at bay. They are therefore a great choice if you want something that you can simply lock at night to keep those little intruders away.

After identifying the replacement door, the next thing you might have to pay attention to is its size. It goes without saying that the door you’re going to purchase must be of the same size that you’re going to remove. Otherwise, you won’t be able to install the new door, you can find all the guide on WCMA Window & Door.

You also have to decide on the material of construction of the new door. Most campers we know prefer steel because of its sturdiness and rust-resistance. Steel storage doors also come with an extended warranty life to make sure you don’t end up getting something that isn’t useful.

Pro Tip: Make sure the bolt holes on the new door match those on the door you’ve dismantled. As the holes on the door must be of the same size as those on the RV for the replacement process to end up successful.

Purchase the replacement hardware

There’s much more to RV storage doors than meets the eye. All of them have hardware connected to them, including handles, knobs, catches, holders, and more. You’d need to be adept at purchasing each of these items as well.

RV door handles do much more than making opening/closing your door a cinch. They should also complement the other hardware mounted on the door. Most important among the other hardware that we referred to is the door holder.

The door holder states what is stated on the tin. It keeps the door open from automatically closing. You can, therefore, count on it to prevent the door from slamming shut when you’re coming in with your hands full of groceries or when you’re expecting guests. It should, therefore, be made of metal.

Then comes the RV doorknob. The one that we recommend to our readers comes with a lifetime warranty and is of a universal style. It is made of premium grade silicone and provides a soft and comfortable grip. You can count on it to fit the most popular as well as standard knob opening sizes.

Removing RV storage door

Before following the below-mentioned steps to remove your RV storage door, make sure you go through this video. It includes almost everything that you’ll find in written form below. You can therefore rely on it to make this guide easy to understand.

What you’ll need?

  • Socket wrench
  • Power screwdriver
  • Putty tape

Pro Tip: If you’re going to remove your existing storage door with one that is made of wood, try not to use self-tapping screws. As they will leave marks on the wood’s surface that will look ugly.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Remove RV Storage Door

Step 1: Arrange the supplies

Start by placing all the stuff we mentioned above in front of you. This will let you know if you’re lacking any items that you’re going to need in the next steps. It will also make sure that you have everything you need at your disposal before moving ahead.

Step 2: Remove the screws holding the drip cap

Use a power screwdriver to remove the screws that are holding the drip cap onto the door. Remove the drip cap afterward.

Optional Tip: Some storage doors have entry snap trim on both their left as well as right-hand side. You’ll have to remove it as well if you can see the snap trim on your door.

Step 3: Remove the outer screws and the threshold

After removing the outer screws with a screwdriver, remove the threshold. It is that small piece of trim that you will find between the door’s bottom and the floor/wall.

Step 4: Remove outer frame screws

Some doors have screws that are mounting the outer frame onto the door. You may have to remove them to safely remove the door. Use a screwdriver for this purpose.

Step 5: Cut the caulk seal

Use a putty knife to cut the caulk seal that is filled between the door’s outer frame and sidewall. Its removal will make it easy for you to take off the door.

Step 6: Break the flange seal

Your door will have a flange seal that will be attaching its outer frame flange to the sidewall. Break it by pulling outwards on the outer frame of the door. Keep on pulling until you have fully removed the storage door from its opening.

Final Step: Clean the caulk residue

Once you have fully removed the door, you may notice a caulk residue in its place. Its removal is necessary for the seamless installation of the new door. Clean it off using putty tape.


Removing the RV storage door isn’t a tedious process. You won’t have to expend a lot of time and effort to remove the door from its frame. That is why we recommend that instead of hiring a plumber, you save your money by doing it on your own.