How to Get Furniture Through RV Door

The difficulty of moving a sofa, couch, table, or chairs through the RV doorway is a common problem faced by many people. Whether it’s a new set of furniture or just an addition of the existing ones, moving them through an RV door can be challenging because of the narrow doorway.Sofas or couches often pose moving in challenges to RV owners due to the protruding, arms, legs, and seatbacks. However, a little knowledge can assist significantly in ensuring that your couch or sofa gets through your RV door.What you might only require is a measuring tape, a pen, and a paper/book to ascertain and record the dimensions of the furniture with the RV’s door. The following are some steps to assist you with how to get furniture through your RV door:

  1. Measure the Furniture’s Dimensions

    Use the measuring tape to measure the furniture’s outer dimensions and make sure to jot down the measurements. You have to extend the measuring tape from the floor up to the highest point on the back of the sofa/couch to measure its height.

For measuring width, extend the tape measure from one side of the couch to the next, and ensure that the placing targets are at the furthest points from both ends. Finally, you’ll have to measure from front to back to ascertain the furniture’s depth.

Measure the Size of Your RV Door

Knowing the dimensions of your RV’s passageways is reasonable if you want to move furniture inside your RV. Using the tape measure, again measure and record the doorway’s width and height.

  1. Match-up Furniture and Doorway Sizes

    Before embarking on getting your furniture inside the RV, it would be best if you first correlated the RV’s doorway and couch sizes. By so doing, you’ll protect yourself from injury and damage when trying to squeeze in your furniture.

Weigh between both dimension recordings and see whether the default way of moving in your furniture would work.

  1. Move the Furniture in Vertically or Horizontally

    After determining and correlating the obtained dimensions, moving in the furniture should be the next step. This can be done either vertically or horizontally, and the sofa should be lifted by the frame. Gloves are necessary for lifting, especially if the furniture is significantly heavy.

If you’ve determined that the sofa can be moved in horizontally, lift it in a level position and steadily move it in. However, if the couch will only run in vertically, follow these steps:

• Stand the furniture on one end

• Slide it towards the door

• Move it straight in the RV’s doorway or in a hooking manner.

If both the vertical and horizontal options don’t work, you can consider moving in your furniture through the RV door in a diagonal way.

Bottom Line

When you follow the above mentioned points, you will not have a problem getting your furniture through your RV door. This should not be a complicated exercise when the right procedure is followed.

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