how to measure rv door

If you are reading this, chances are you are looking for some advice on how to measure RV door. There are many reasons one may want to measure the door of their recreational vehicle with one of them being to replace a broken door. Once one knows the correct measurements of their door, it’s easier for them to obtain the right door based on that information for replacement purposes.

To that end, I’ll show you how to get the correct measurements of your RV, using just three very basic tools. If you are ready for that, let us get started with the tools;

The Basic Tools You Will Need

  • A tape measure–you can buy one from your favorite, local hardware store.
  • A pencil–you can obtain this from your nearest bookstore.
  • A note pad or book–these are readily available at your nearest bookstore.

How to Measure RV Door

There are two scenarios one of which you will face in this process. Scenario 1: To measure your recreational vehicle door system that has an existing door in. Scenario 2: To measure your RV door system, whose door has been removed.

Scenario 1: Measuring Your RV Door System that Has an Existing Door

This is the best way to get accurate measurements of your RV door. Simply run the tape measure from the edge of the metal frame of the door across to the opposite side frame. The readings you get represent the most accurate measurements of your recreational vehicle’s door. This is the best advice on how to measure rv door.

Scenario 2: Measuring Your RV Door System That Is Doorless

You can still get the measurements of the right door for your recreational vehicle despite the vehicle being doorless. To do so, run the tape measure from the wood frame of the jamb( the upright side of a window or door opening)across to the other edge of the jamb. The readings you get will be the actual measurements of your door opening, in which the new door will go. Alternatively, you could just measure the removed door to get the exact size of it. It’s a simpler technique than the former.

RV Door Measuring Dont’s to Keep in Mind

  • When you measure the door itself, do not forget the opening in which the door will go. Get the measurements of that as well.
  • Do not measure the flange outside the frame’s edge. That part overlaps your door jamb’s wood and it is where you secure the aluminum frame to the jamb with screws. Otherwise, measuring up to the jamb’s edge is going to give you a reading with a number larger than the actual size of the right door for your recreational vehicle.

Final Thoughts

Besides replacing a damaged door, there are a few other reasons you may want to measure the door of your recreational vehicle, such as to know the size of your door. Whichever your reason is for wanting to get the measurements of your RV door, the above tips will enable you to measure the door accurately.

Note: If you want to replace a damaged door, it is best to get the measurements while the door is still intact. That will ensure more accuracy than when you measure the remaining opening after removing the door. With nothing more to add, good luck with your RV door measuring project.

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